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Posted by CJ Nelson on

Vince Felix    Photo: Justin Bowers

Evolve: To change or develop slowly, often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop by a process of evolution.

Here Vince Felix demonstrates a gravity defying cutback that is really only achievable with a board that has the right flex properties to allow this. The evolution of longboard design has brought us to this point. If Nat, Mctavish and the last generation of 60's longboard surfers had not gone to shortboards and would have continued to go back to the drawing boards designing longboards, I'd like to think they they would have ended up here. 

You can really only get so much out of a normal 25 lb volan cloth longboard, so in order for traditional longboard surfing to evolve and move forward we have got to go back to the design of the surfboard. Tail and nose flex, twist and rigidity control, spring and liveliness, glide-to-weight ratio are all things that we are constantly talking about and are working on. Theses are all topics that are being worked on and ridden by the top 44 shortboard surfers in the world and the people who build their boards. None of them are ridding poly and there is reason for that. 

EPS simply is a better material to build a surfboard out of. We as traditional longboard surfers should be moving forward alongside the rest of the board building industry. I do believe that a volan cloth poly board has a place in everyone's quiver, and we take great pride in building ours, but when a material, design, or board just works better than the rest you have to recognize that and move forward. There is no moral battle, or right and wrong here. The only thing that we can do wrong here is build a box around what we love so our love never grows. Advanced material surfboard building is the future and I feel that we need to embrace it. BE HERE NOW. -Cj