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FULL NAME: Corey "Kookapinto" Colapinto
HOMETOWN: San Clemente, CA.
BIRTH DATE: March 19, 1997
HOME BREAK: San Onofre
INSTAGRAM: @kookapinto
OTHER SPONSORS: Vissla, D'blanc, CJ Nelson Designs

FAVORITE SURFBOARD MODEL: The "Colapintail" is a board I have been working on for sometime and feel like I finally found the one with the sweetest of feels! With the turned down rails I notice the way it turns and noserides. It has a really speedy and skippy effect. 
For longboards I like random reef breaks that break all over the place. They let you get goofy with redirects. For a shortboard I love a good barreling left.
I really like surfing Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma because of the random reef breaks it has to offer. Also because some of my friends go to college there and it's a good hang!

FAVORITE SURFER: Tommy Witt's longboarding gets me so stoked! Ever since I first started surfing Sano I have looked up to his goofy catlike switch stance shreddings. He has helped open my eyes to how well down rails work, not only on the tail, but around the nose of boards. Ryan Burch also inspires me with his diversity!
WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED TO SURF: Being surrounded by God's creation is the most inspiring. The precision of His hydrodynamics, swell directions and underwater structures makes every wave feel so special. Such a sweet little taste of His goodness! I love being able to tap into that stoke of creativity.
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I went to Australia and traveled around for 2 months in search of good waves with friends. It was an incredible experience!

Thanks to Vissla & D'blanc
Riding a 9'3 Colapintail by CJ Nelson Designs
With music from James Spaite -
Video by James Tull
Song: Effort 

Corey Colapinto, Makala Smith, Jesse Guglielmana and Andy Nieblas enjoy an 8'1 Colapintail. Designed by Corey Colapinto and built by Ryan Engle, this board is now a part of the Cj Nelson Designs family.