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FULL NAME: Joe Rickabaugh OR Joe Rippenbrah
BIRTH DATE: September 1, 1992
AGE STARTED SURFING: First surfed when I was about 4, but didn't get into it till I was 12 years old!!
STANCE: Regular
HOME BREAK: County line, Zuma
SURF CLUB: Ventura surf club
INSTAGRAM: @joerippenbrah
OTHER SPONSORS: Hippy Tree, Olas Mex Grill, Urban Barrels, Reeds Ginger Brew, DRD4 fins, Jonesea Wetsuits House, Thunderbolt Technology, Carve Sports, Inc.

FAVORITE SURFBOARD MODEL: I would have to say my favorite CJ model right now is definitely the classic!! Although the Aussie Slasher and Sinner are a close second. The Classic is everything I need when I am trying to log!! It's the best longboard I have ever had!! It allows me to do whatever I want!! The tail has a nice flat rocker that allows me to really swing the board around drive off the bottom like never before!! There is a good amount of concave in the nose that really allows me to get some of the most amazing nose rides ever!! The Classic is an all around amazing longboard that is good for everyday use!!
FAVORITE SURF BREAK: My favorite surf break would have to be county line!! Although not perfect and hated by many it holds a very special place in my heart!! It's the perfect spot to ride my log, shortboard, high pro or any other surfcraft around!! It will probably always be my favorite wave!!
FAVORITE SURF DESTINATION: My favorite surf destination would have to be Indonesia, it's just such a magical place that I can't wait to get back to!! Perfect waves amazing food and the nicest people ever life really doesn't get much better!!
FAVORITE SURFER: Surfers that inspires me oh man the list goes on!! Growing up locally I always had Tony Stephens and Cheyene Gusmeroli to watch while surfing at home!! CJ Nelson played a huge part in my surf especially in his movie “Another State of Mind.” Whether he was logging, high proing or shortboarding, it was radical, it was awesome and he was everything I wanted to be!! Also guys like my dad, Tommy Witt, Larry Ugale, John Welch, Jeff Belzer and Tyler Morris played a huge role in where I am at in my surfing career now!!
WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED TO SURF: The groms and all my friends keep me inspired to surf and just the pure joy you get out of surfing everyday!! There is nothing else like it on the whole world!!! It's my favorite thing ever!!
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: This is a tuff one just getting to surf and travel the world is the highlight of my surfing career!! The biggest highlight would have to be living in a bus in Australia for 5 months starting in western Aus and driving all the way across and up surfing the whole time!! The last stop was the Noosa Festival and somehow I walked away with first place in the open men's division!! That was pretty rewarding and felt amazing to conquer all that and then win that division!!
FAVORITE SURF MOMENT: To chose one favorite surfing moment may be to hard but all I can say is anytime I am scoring perfect waves with friends. Life doesn't get much better then that!! So I guess I have multiple favorite surfing moments!!