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FULL NAME: Marco "BOSKO" Boscaglia
HOMETOWN: Rome, Italy
BIRTH DATE: June 13, 1989
AGE STARTED SURFING: I was 15 years old when I started longboarding 
HOME BREAK: Ostia and Banzi, Rome
SURF CLUB: Ostia Surf Club
INSTAGRAM: @Marco_bosko_Boscaglia OR @Longbros_chronicles
OTHER SPONSORS: O'neill apparel & wetsuits, City Beach Surf Shop Rome, Futures Fins, Ocean & Earth, Front Trading, Sticky Bumps, Surf to Live Surf Houses, Swaps Repairs
FAVORITE SURFBOARD MODEL: CJ Classic 10' XEON - I feel in love with this model since I saw the first shape in CJ's pictures, it's an amazing board, you can do endless noserides and it turns really fast even if it's a really big board. I consider it an insane noserider, surely the best I've ever ridden. 
FAVORITE SURF BREAK: I consider Malibu my favorite break for classic surfing, there are so many sections where you can do epic noserides and show all your style. 
FAVORITE SURF DESTINATION: California because it's California!!! I've been there three times this year and once in 2009. It's the best place I've ever visited. 
SURFERS THAT INSPIRE YOU: My longboarding was greatly influenced by the movie "Another State of Mind" after I first watched it back in 2007. I must have watched that movie around 300 times. CJ Nelson made a real revolution in traditional longboarding. I finally had the chance to meet him last May and had the opportunity to get to know him better. I can say that he's a really good surfer and human being. Another surfer that really inspired me is 2x world longboard champ and big friend of mind Taylor Jensen.
WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED TO SURF: The need to always be better, to push myself over the limits every time, and to share this passion with my friends.
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2x Italian Longboard Champ (2013 & 2016)
FAVORITE SURF MOMENT: While hanging ten or inside a big barrel.