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FULL NAME: Steven Buchan aka The Kraken
HOMETOWN: San Pedro, CA.
BIRTH DATE: September 27, 1985
AGE STARTED SURFING: The first time I stepped on a surfboard I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I ended up getting smashed in the shore pound and didn't surf again until I was about 13. I continued surfing for the next 4-5 years and then didn't touch a surfboard again until age 29 when I picked it back up a few years back.
STANCE: Regular
HOME BREAK: Leo Carillo
SURF CLUB: Malibu Boardriders
INSTAGRAM: @steve_thekraken
OTHER SPONSORS: City Fog, Rip Curl Malibu
FAVORITE SURFBOARD MODEL: The Sprout. It does everything. It noserides insane, goes fast, hits the lip and turns on a dime.
FAVORITE SURF BREAK: Swimming pools on Namotu, Fiji. It's a great longboard wave and the scenery is unreal!
FAVORITE SURF DESTINATION: I'd have to go with Namotu, Fiji again. Being on an island the size of a football field with only about 20 of your bros for a week, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water and some of the best surf sports in the world, truly unreal!!!
FAVORITE SURFER: CJ Nelson, Tyler Hatzikian, Justin Quintal, Joe Rickabaugh, Corey Colapinto
WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED TO SURF: The new technology we're using and the constant flow of models we're developing here at CJ Nelson Designs keeps me super inspired. The other thing that keeps me just as inspired, is the fact that no matter how bad my day was, when I hit the water and catch that first wave, it's all gone. 
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Winning the Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational at Steamer Lane after being out of the water for over a decade battling a heavy drug addiction.