Here’s a quick clip from my most recent trip to the south shore of Oahu to enjoy some summertime longboard waves. I’m riding the 9’6 Guerrero shaped by my amigo Eden Saul. I don’t spend much time in Hawaii so I was very curious about how my Thunderbolt tech logs would perform in the bumpy Hawaiian trade winds. I was blown away by the responsiveness and control I had in the sub-par conditions. Big thanks to Hawaiin South Shore Surf Boutique for the Aloha. -Cj

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Here we capture a couple of the first team sessions on the EPS and carbon fiber CJ Nelson Designs x Dead Kooks collaboration board, the Guerrero. Pushing our longboard surfing to our personal limits through new building materials and design is the goal. Evolving our sport with an open mind, respect and love. Soak up the good times vibes -cj

Shot by Steve Cleveland and Justin Bowers

The Oz Noserider is our “involvement” style classic noseriding surfboard. Shaped by Australian Ian Chisholm, this design has the wide point back, 50/50 rails with huge noseriding concave. The Oz Noserider is made to sit a bit further back in the pocket without losing any stability or control from the tip. The wide point back allows the board to slash and wheel around with ease. Boards with this style outline are extremely versatile in their intent and can be ridden in a huge variety of size and conditions. Here is a short clip of my Mexican bonding session with our OG prototype.  Defiantly one of the best longboards I’ve ever ridden. – CJ

Video: Debbie Day

There’s nothing quite like working at a job smack dab in the middle of some amazing Malibu point breaks. I’m able to get off work around 4pm and go shred amazing waves until the sun goes down. That’s a normal Monday- Friday for me. Work, surf, and then repeat. I can’t thank Cj Nelson enough for all the opportunities he has given me and for continuing to push me to new levels. He encouraged me to grab any footage I had and to learn how to edit video. So that’s what I did. Norwell 9 and Laura Holman answered the call for video footage. I grabbed as much footage as they had of me riding my red 10’0″ Cj Classic and my 9’6″ Texalium Sprout & spent a couple months putting it all together. Both these boards are amazing! I absolutely love the Sprout though. It’s the ultimate noseriding machine. It seems to work so well everywhere I surf it. CJ and Ryan Engle really put together a masterpiece when they were in the shaping room dreaming up this board. It’s all time! ~ Steven Buchan  

Stoked to be out shredding the summer slop on our Slasher. When Ian Chisholm and I designed this board we really wanted to make a board that would perform in good waves but dominates in terrible ones. Our Thunderbolt Technology paired with the wide point back, traditional 50/50 rails and a nice loggy weight makes this board feel really comfortable under almost any pilots feet. This particular board single-handedly changed my perception of what a traditional longboard was capable of. Turns on a dime and cuts through chop like butter. Always excited to turn a few laps on the Slasher.

Video: Justin Bowers

Shot this during a few days of swell in Santa Cruz. In this clip, I’m riding a couple different boards shaped by Ian Chisholm and Ryan Engle. A full eps carbon fiber Slasher that Ian and I have been working on for a couple of years and two poly prototypes that Ryan and I are messing around with. Testing and tuning my equipment in one of the most beautiful, wave-rich environments on earth is a dream come true. I’m happy to say goodbye to 2016 and open the door to 2017 with inspiration and love on tap. Many blessings to you and your loved ones in 2017.

Video: Justin Bowers

Here is a clip about our model “The Classic” in the Epoxy Matrix technology. Filmed at home in Santa Cruz, its a glimpse into my everyday life as a surfer and designer. The opportunity to work on the things I truly love is a dream come true and I can’t imagine being more passionate about anything. Life is a crazy roller coaster with a million ups and downs and I am blessed to be at this juncture with a clear vision and capable head on my shoulders. This brand is about you and the love we share with the ocean..

Video by Justin Bowers.

Here is the latest clip that Justin Bowers and I put together during my most recent stay at home in Santa Cruz. Shot mostly out in from of my house, I’m riding a bunch of different models including the new Corey Colapinto designed “Colapintail”. It’s great to live a life on the road surfing all over the place but nothing beats coming home and riding the waves I grew up on with people I love. Big thanks to Ian Chisholm, Yu Sumitomo and Ryan Engle for building the best surfboards I’ve ever ridden. Without you guys, none of this would be possible……I am living the dream.- CJ

Video: Justin Bowers
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Here are some of my favorite people ripping on our boards during the 2016 Malibu Boardriders “Call to the Wall”. Watching my friends get enjoyment out of our surfboards has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced. These are some of the best days of my life.-CJ

Video: Justin Bowers
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This is one session at San O riding my 10′ Epoxy Matrix CJ Classic. I have been testing and designing these EPS and carbon composite boards for a couple years now. The flow and liveliness of these materials has opened my eyes and broken down my belief system as to the definition of a traditional longboard. I’m excited and inspired every single day to get in the water and put these boards through their paces. – CJ

Video: Justin Bowers

Josh Hall made an 11′ Eagle for my recent trip to Mexico. I had never ridden one before but had heard nothing but good things about this design. I ended up loving the board and rode it every day of our trip. I have never had a board teach me so much about my surfing. I will always have one in my quiver. Thanks Josh, -CJ