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Our riders our the heart and soul of our brand. Nothing brings me more personal joy than seeing my best friends out enjoying our designs. Ever since we first started this company, I’ve always dreamed of a day where I could have all my favorite people united and shredding together so watching it happen is literally a dream come true. I genuinely appreciate and love every one of them.

Corey Colapinto

Frankie Seely

Joe Rickabaugh

Colin Whitbread

Schuyler McFarran

Ashton Goggans

Kevin Skvarna

Vince Felix

Candra Jordan

Marco Boscaglia

Josh Seemann

Kyle Jouras

Steve Buchan

Austin Hollingshead

Nicola di Tondo

Jord Fortmann

Grey Copenhaver

Nick Copenhaver

Bianca Dootson

Mikey Melchiorre

Sean Knight

Reed Ellis

Chango Cruz

Steve Cleveland

Trevor Cleveland