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Brooke “Brookie” Carlson

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Q&A with Brooke

Full Name:
Brooke “Brookie” Carlson

Calabasas California

Birth Date:
January 21, 2003

Age Started Surfing:
I began to fall in love with longboarding at 11 years old


Home Break:
Malibu First Point (aka “The Bu”)

Surf Club:
Ventura Surf Club

Other Sponsors:
O’Neill, DRD$ Fins, Betty Belts Jewelry, Headhunter sunscreen

Favorite Surfboard Model:
All of the boards are amazing but my personal favorite board is my 9’0″ Sprout, my favorite part of longboarding is getting to noseride forever and with the Sprout, you can! Along with so much more

Favorite Surf Break:
Malibu First Point is my favorite wave because it’s always amazing for noseriding

Favorite Surf Destination:
I haven’t been very many places yet, but all I know so far is I love anywhere WARM and FUN!

Favorite Surfer:
CJ Nelson, Kassia Meador, Corey Colapinto, Frankie Seely, Kelia Moniz and Leah Dawson

What Keeps you Inspired to Surf:
The ocean is all I need to be inspired, along with getting to be surrounded by such incredible surfers and people!

Career Highlights:
Every day I get to be surfing is a highlight! However, I was really stoked to have recently got into Pacific Longboarder Magazine and Curl magazine! I also got to have an awesome online article in Surfer Magazine written by Ashton Goggans, with some incredible pictures by Grant Ellis! I love getting to see awesome edits of me surfing and articles put together by Beth O’Rourke that have been in Inertia and also Surfer Mag!

Brooke’s Videos

Brooke’s Favorite Surfboard

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