Candra Jordan

My name is Candra Jordan. I was born in San Diego CA, bouncing back and forth Mom and Dad’s houses in Mission Beach and Ocean Beach. Both my Step Father and Dad have surfed their whole lives. My first time on a surfboard was when I was about 4 or 5. My Dad put floaty’s on my arms and put me on his back at South Jetty in Mission Beach. I didn’t really start surfing regularly until I was in about the 7th grade.

Most of my surfing as a kid was done with my Step Dad, Thad. He put me on the surf team in Middle School, I think it was a way for him to get to surf more too. It was special getting to surf with him before and after school, he worked so hard, I could see the weight of the day lift off his shoulders when he would get in the water. That’s when I started to realize and feel how special surfing is and how healing the ocean is. I did a few contests here and there as a kid but didn’t really take surfing to seriously. I just really enjoyed being in the water and being out there with friends and family. It wasn’t until I graduated High School and moved to Santa Cruz, that the light bulb went off that I could do way more on a surfboard then I had ever tried or thought I could. I was all alone and knew no one so all I did was surf in my free time. So, I guess I didn’t really unlock my surfing until I was about 18.

I work full time and try my hardest to surf, travel, and compete anytime my schedule allows it. Surfing has a special place in my heart. It has saved me from a lot of bad decisions I could have made, it allows me to remain connected to my stepdad who passed away a few years ago, it’s a way to unwind, connect to nature and be in the present. Surfing has allowed me to travel to some great places and dive into some amazing cultures. I have been lucky enough to go to Japan, Australia, Mexico and the Philippines.

I am so thankful to be a part of such a special community and to be a part of such a great team like the CJ Nelson Designs Family.

Candra’s Favorite Surfboard

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