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Michael Copenhaver

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Q&A with Grey

Full Name:
Michael “Grey” Copenhaver

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Birth Date:
September 7, 1997

Age Started Surfing:
6 years old


Home Break:
1st Jetty

Surf Club:
Virginia Longboard Federation

Other Sponsors:
Smith Optics, Xcel Wetsuits, Freedom Artist Clothing, Coastal Edge

Favorite Surfboard Model:
My favorite/ go to board is the sprout. As you would guess the waves on the east coast aren’t always the best very little are they clean so heavy logs really shine out here. The way the sprout rides doesn’t compare to any board I’ve ever ridden. You can get a banger noseride in the critical section then come right off and whip a turn

Favorite Surf Break:
This is always a hard question, there are so many places I’ve yet to surf. With that being said if I had to pick one place it’d have to be the outer banks of North Carolina and if I had to narrow it down to one spot it’d either be the Lighthouse in Buxton or Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. The Outer Banks is a very diverse place to surf. One week it could be fun double over toe log waves and next week it could be holding triple overhead barrels three bars out. There are so many breaks there, it’s hard just choose one but it all depends on the swell direction

Favorite Surf Destination:
Another challenging question for me but the surf destinations that I’m into are ones that you wouldn’t think to surf and I also really enjoy surfing cold water. For instance, I really want to go surf the great lakes either Michigan or the Canadian side. My favorite surf destination would be somewhere cold and somewhere not very known or known at all

Favorite Surfer:
The surfer that inspired me most is 1966 international surfing championship winner, David Nuuhiwa. My first longboard was a Bing original nose rider, which was formally known as the Nuuhiwa nose rider. His smooth style and effortless noserides inspired me to pick that path of surfing. Now that I’m older and have many years ahead of me I’m looking back thinking that I did pick the right path and I do thoroughly enjoy noseriding

What Keeps you Inspired to Surf:
For a while I was getting burnt out of just constantly surfing all the time then I came to the realization that there is more than just my home break and that I need to travel more and go out of my comfort zone and go surf waves I’m not familiar with. I also realized there is more than just one type of a longboard, haha but, when I went out to Santa Cruz Cj told me that you have to ride more than just one board all the time and you should ride different boards with the different conditions. Since I’ve gotten back home I ride a wide variety of boards and it constantly inspires me to go out there and surf the best that I can and learn new maneuvers with the wave conditions provided to me at that time

Career Highlights:
I remember a contest with waves that were the most insane lefts that I’ve ridden in my life with makable barrels and critical sections that made your hang tens look like you were floating on top of the water

Career Highlights:
I have a couple east coast titles and regional titles as well as a 3rd in nationals. However, each year that I surf something great happens, not just contests, but also meeting Mark and Cj which opens a door much wider than any contest would do for you. It’s great to have support from such a family-oriented company. This team feels like no other that I have ridden for and I am truly humbled by the opportunity ahead of me. This so far is the highlight of my career

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