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Jord Fortmann

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Full Name:
Jord Fortmann

Scheveningen, Holland

Birth Date:
July 5, 1986

Age Started Surfing:
14 years old


Home Break:
Ter Heijde, Scheveningen

Other Sponsors:
Xcel Wetsuits

Favorite Surfboard Model:
The music 6’6″ I love to ride in bigger point surf with a quad setup. It just feels so solid under my feet. The Slasher 9’10” is for me the most diverse log I’ve ever surfed. The way it rolls from rail to rail and the drive off the bottom is just insane. Even when the waves got a bit bigger and juicier it worked great! This winter I spent some time at a nice long point in Morocco and fell in love with the feeling of this model. It might not be called a nose rider but to me, it feels like a dream on the nose as well!

Favorite Surf Break:
Immesouane in Morocco got me hooked last winter. It’s a great setup for longboarding and a beach/ reef around the corner to get into some bombs. Unreal to surf the log in the morning and take the egg out for some juice in the afternoon. The fishing town has a peaceful vibe and not to forget the fresh fish grilled in front of the point after surfing. A dream…

Favorite Surf Destination:
Morocco for its endless right-hand points

Favorite Surfer:
CJ Nelson and Joel Tudor always have been inspiring me ever since I saw them on the screen when I was a kid. I really enjoy watching Tyler Warren, Dave Rastovich, and Neal Purchase. Growing up in Holland as a surfer with not a lot of good surfers around I loved to watch surf films. A classic as Endless Summer showed me a good example of different styles of surfing and honestly, I get inspired and stoked by any surfer that knows how to surf well, especially if they ride with style

What Keeps you Inspired to Surf:
Trying out different boards always kept me going. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with some finless boards and I’ve got to say that it’s opened up a new level of stoke

Favorite Surfing Moment:
I was fortunate to spend 2.5 years in Costa Rica. There I surfed a very quiet little reef break right in front of the garden. I truly experienced what it is to get dialed in with a wave and to be able to share a spot with just a handful of people. The sweetest experiences were surfing that wave many times with my (ex) wife. I loved the feeling of sharing the same wave. We road tandem on an old Laird 11ft SUP, that was just insane. So much stoke and so much fun to share! I guess those years took away the seriousness and neediness and opened up a new level of stoke

Career Highlights:
I would say none significant highlights if it comes down to competitions. I am just stoked to keep getting new chances in life to surf beautiful boards on beautiful waves and see others enjoy it as much as I do. I feel blessed now to be on the CJ Nelson Design team

Jord’s Videos

Alive / Alive – Galicia 2016

New spots, old friends, and cold water make you feel alive. Jord Fortmann, the perennial nomad, took us on a two-week wave binge in his new spaceship across the Galician coast of Spain. Alive / Alive is a short glimpse at what fresh mussels plucked from the sea taste like.

Jord’s Favorite Surfboard

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