Jord Fortmann

Jord Fortmann is a Dutch guy. Holland has a lot of wind and growing up close to the beach he became a beach bum at the age of 10. Not surfing but sailing a catamaran.

When there were no other “sails-men” around he and his buddies started to ride the surf with boogie boards and later on some pop-outs lying around the beach if they were lucky. Ever since Jord has been hooked and basically focused on surfing and dreaming about the Endless Summer lifestyle. He used to watch those two movies, the only ones around, time after time.

What you focus on will grow in life, so he started to work as an attendant at surf camps and later as a teacher along the west coast of France. As the years past, he started to teach surfing in Holland in the summers and traveling in the winters to ideal surf spots. As a Dutch surfer, he developed a clean style, surfing mainly traditional boards as he put his thruster aside at age of 17. Inspired by the Endless Summer and some good longboarders in France, he managed to surf himself literally into the picture. With some cover shots and a sponsor deal with team Lightning Bolt, it suddenly went quick. Though Jord never really was into the competitive side of surfing and basically is just a Dutch kook (his own words) he traveled to Hawaii and to California to join the team and surf amongst some legends. In Hawaii with Rory Russel and in California with CJ Nelson and Jonathan Paskowits. As you can imagine a dream that comes true and at the same time is a very humbling experience.

When the whole Dutch surf scene continued to grow Jord started to lose interest to work solely as a teacher or to be part of the industry that brings more and more people into the line-up. A bit confusing, knowing it was his work and at the same time, it made him lose the passion that started it all. Around that time he got a job offer at Rancho Burica. An amazing tropical hideaway at the end of the road in South West Costa Rica, just past the famous waves of Pavones. New job, lots of really good waves and consistency of surf sessions on good waves like never before. A nice little film project turned out to be another dream to come true. Check out ‘Dulce’.

At the top of the mountain when the ideal imagined setup was achieved he realized that there is a certain tendency that never seems to be fulfilled. Right at that time Jord and his wife broke up and paradise turned into a temporary nightmare. Back home in Holland, he was ready to dive to some deeper insights into the way he felt and wanted to live his life. The waves in Holland didn’t get him enthusiastic to bring out a board to the beach but the ocean always kept working as a magnet.

Cold-water training and occasional sessions on a soft board from the local surf school got him out again for some spontaneous playing with friends in the line-up, without any preset goal of a ‘good surf session’. These times brought back a smile on his face and the stoke of surfing in a pure and simple form. Riding waves without any a goal, no tricks to be achieved, nothing more than surfing clean and simply sharing the stoke. A year in Holland of contemplation followed, dealing with an on-going practice in taming a mindset that never seems to be satisfied and always want more, better, other then what simply is.

Focussing on living day by the day the inspiration came for his next step. Living and sharing the experience of a simple rhythm with up to three guests that join him for a week or more, traveling along the coast of Europe.

At the moment Jord is cruising around the coast of Ireland in an RV. Last year he spent nine months on the road driving the Endless Summer (European style) towards Morocco and back. The idea of these road trips came are a natural combination of his new ways of sharing and his former surfing and traveling life. In the end, a natural win/win comes about. Road trips for surfers and anybody that is in need of some peace of mind by being overly stressed in the rat race. He will guide you to a more peaceful state and drive you to the most beautiful surf spots along the ocean. He will cook some great food and for the more experienced surfers, there are some sick CJ Nelson Designs around to try out.

In the meanwhile, Jord is still surfing, going strong and with style. Many days you’ll also find him body surfing or sliding around finless. Basically, Jord is a nice guy cruising through life simply sliding the CJ Nelson design boards with love, sharing the stoke! What else is it all about?

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New spots, old friends, and cold water make you feel alive. Jord Fortmann, a perennial nomad, took us on a two-week wave binge in his new spaceship across the Galician coast of Spain. Alive / Alive is a short glimpse at what fresh mussels plucked from the sea taste like.