Marco “Bosko” Boscaglia

Marco Boscaglia, better known as “Bosko”, is a 28-year-old longboarder from Rome, Italy. With a height of 6’4″, he’s the tallest rider of the CJ Nelson Designs team. He has started longboarding at the age of 15 with a huge Bic 10-footer, and since that moment he has never stopped loving big boards. In those years, he changed a few boards and he started focusing on performance longboarding, he preferred power surfing and vertical maneuvres. In 2006, he participated in his first contest and one year later he entered the national circuit. In that period something changed his mind, his approach and vision of surfing. It was a video that showed a kind of longboarding that he had never seen before and impressed him a lot, that video was “Another State of Mind” by Steve Cleveland.

He had the opportunity to take part in a few European Championships with really good results, and in 2011 he got a wild card from his sponsor to participate in the final of the ASP World Longboard Tour in Levanto, Italy where he had the honor to compete against the world’s best surfers. In 2013, after many efforts, for the first time, Bosko became Italian longboard champion and he doubled up in 2016.

Thanks to his previous job in the main Italian airline company he has traveled a lot in many beautiful places, but his favorite has always been California. He’s been there 4 times, but this last time with his buddy Nick he finally met his idol, Mark Charles James Nelson. Yes, our CJ!!! Here he has finally started surfing most with a classic approach that still lasts and let him commit every day to improve his style. Bosko has collaborated with a local shaper for 5 years and when Nick and he met CJ in Cali, they spent few days together all around the coast. CJ proposed them to join his team becoming ambassadors and representing his brand in Europe. Bosko couldn’t believe it, he was so stoked and happy: “I couldn’t ask for more in my life, to represent the brand of my surfing idol means the world for me, CJ in addition to being the best longboarder I’ve ever seen, he’s also a great human and I could learn a lot from him”.

Once he got back home, he started working with a collaboration between City Beach Rome, the best surf shop in Italy that sponsors him, and the CJ’s European distribution Front Trading. The first board in CJ’s quiver he chose was one of the boards that he felt best in Cali, the Classic. Bosko’s surfing changed to this 10-footer and his mind has been opened to new levels of longboarding. He was fascinated by its endless noserides, really fast but soft turns, and the Xeon construction that works better than any other material.

He has also created an Instagram Page, with his brother Nick, called Longbros Chronicles that’s having a big success between the world longboard community. This page tells all the surfing stories of Bosko and Nick since 2008 and shares all the photo and video contents of world best longboarders.

“I want to thank first of all CJ for believing in me, Mark from Carve Sports, Ananda from Front Trading, Andrea from City Beach and my brother Nick that always follows me everywhere and shares with me all my best surfing moments.”

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Longbros Chronicles present: PASTA SHREDDERS, a little Italian edit filmed in South California with Marco “Bosko” Boscaglia and Nicola di Tondo with the kind participation of CJ Nelson, Mike Siordia, Steve Cleveland and Corey Colapinto.