Renz Van Baalen

Renz Van Baalen is a surfer from The Netherlands. He started surfing when he was 15 years old. His brother in law introduced him, and after catching his first few waves he was hooked and found himself in love with the ocean. After that, Renz and his and his friends started hanging out at a surf club in V-Beach on a daily basis.

At the age of 17, Renz went to live in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa and stayed with the Sawyer family. Des Sawyer is well-known as a great surfboard shaper and a wonderful teacher of life itself. He taught Renz about surfing and through Des’s inspirational bible study sessions Renz also learned a lot about his faith. Here Renz joined the Surf Masters for a year and participated in competitions all around South Africa. The results were stunning. He gained a reputation as a very good and talented young longboard surfer.

Back in Holland, he ended up with two great passions; his Christian faith and surfing. What he learned about the Bible and Jesus never left him even in darker times, even when he was very disappointed in people and himself. He got into drinking and drugs and stopped surfing. He started to compete in kickboxing fights and found he was very good at it. However, by grace, he found the meaning of life again in Jesus. He made a big 360 turn in life and changed his lifestyle completely. He met his beautiful wife Kady, they got married and are blessed with a wonderful son.

Together they started a wonderful ministry called Walk the Way. It’s a group of people that are organizing Christian surfing camps in Spain. All kinds of people with different backgrounds are welcome there who are searching for the meaning of life and are in for a great adventure (

You’ll usually find Renz at his homebreak in Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands surfing on one of his blue boards. “They all have to be blue!” Depending on the conditions you’ll find him on his 10’0″ Classic, 6’6″ music or his personal favorite, the 9’6″ Guerrero. He also finds time with his family to travel to some of his favorite surf spots in Cables or Port Elizabeth South Africa, or the Basque Country in Northern Spain. His main goal is to simply enjoy the ride every day. However, Renz is considered one of the best Dutch longboarders for all time. He has a raw and dynamic style of surfing with some classical aspects that allowed him to win the prestigious Dutch longboard event ‘Op de Neus’ (On the Nose).

Renz would like to thank his awesome sponsors Hart Beach Surf Shop, Xcel wetsuits, and of course the greatest surfboards of all time CJ Nelson Designs.

Renz’ Favorite Surfboard

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