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Steven Buchan

Steven “The Kraken” Buchan is a 32-year-old surfer who grew up in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles in a little town called San Pedro. His dad was a surfer so naturally, his pops always tried to get him into the water early on in his life. Despite surfing being heavily pushed by his family, he started getting into trouble and gravitated towards other things. This would end up being an ongoing theme throughout the early years of his life. Finally, at the end of his 8th-grade year in middle school, his dad finally got him on a board and into the water. He took to it like a fish to water and started getting noticed by people rather quickly. He had a small article in Longboard Magazine and got invited on several trips across the world. He started surfing for companies like Jon Wegener Surfboards, then Dewey Weber Surfboards and finally Tyler Surfboards.

“At the time, Tyler Hatzikian was an Idol to me. The way he was able to whip his 30-pound longboard around and lock in hang tens at a dumping beach break like El Porto, was astounding to me. It still is to this day! I met him in Oceanside one day at a contest, he watched me surf a heat & then put me on his team immediately. This was one of the high points in my life. Imagine meeting your favorite football or basketball player, them seeing you play and putting you on their team. That’s exactly what it was like for me!” ...Continue Reading

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There’s nothing quite like working at a job smack dab in the middle of some amazing Malibu point breaks. I’m able to get off work around 4pm and go shred amazing waves until the sun goes down. That’s a normal Monday- Friday for me. Work, surf, and then repeat. I can’t thank Cj Nelson enough for all the opportunities he has given me and for continuing to push me to new levels. He encouraged me to grab any footage I had and to learn how to edit video. So that’s what I did. Norwell 9 and Laura Holman answered the call for video footage. I grabbed as much footage as they had of me riding my red 10’0″ Cj Classic and my 9’6″ Texalium Sprout & spent a couple months putting it all together. Both these boards are amazing! I absolutely love the Sprout though. It’s the ultimate noseriding machine. It seems to work so well everywhere I surf it. CJ and Ryan Engle really put together a masterpiece when they were in the shaping room dreaming up this board. It’s all time! ~ Steven Buchan