Corey Colapinto

My name is Corey Colapinto and I am from San Clemente, CA. I grew up in a surf family with a dad who taught me how to surf tandem with him when I was 5. They are some of my earliest memories! I didn’t get into though until middle school when my cousins started going and entering contests regularly. After that, I got into the class grom shortboard program until I was about fifteen. At that time I saw my dad longboarding often and decided to give it a go, and then the spark was lit!

Now I am living in Point Loma, working on getting a college degree, while living and surfing with a lot of my friends. We enjoy surfing the waves on campus and creating fun content with all the wonderfully talented surfers and musicians. Everyone has a story to tell, and I believe storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with people.

A goal of mine is to get out of my comfort bubble more often and try to help out in the world in areas that don’t have a lot.

Corey’s Favorite Surfboard

Corey’s Videos

San O Sunshine
Corey Colapinto riding a 9’3 Colapintail by CJ Nelson Designs. With music from James Spaite – Song: Effort. Video by James Tull. Thanks to Vissla & D’blanc.

Colapintail x CJ Nelson Designs
Corey Colapinto, Makala Smith, Jesse Guglielmana and Andy Nieblas enjoy an 8’1 Colapintail. Designed by Corey Colapinto and built by Ryan Engle, this board is now a part of the Cj Nelson Designs family.