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The Music is the perfect board for the traveling surfer. When Ian and CJ designed this board they wanted to make a board that would work in most conditions. CJ actually says this is the one board that never leaves his car because he can ride it in one-foot dribble or 10ft ocean beach in SanFranciscoo making it the most diverse surfboard in our whole line. The Music has a 4 1 fin set up, down rails and a slight double concave in the tail. This board maneuvers and glides with the best of them and will work any condition you come across.


6’6″ x 21 5/8″ x 2 9/16 (41L)
Width 12″ from nose: 16 7/16″
Width 12″ from tail: 15 3/16″

4 1 Fin System

Recommended Fin Setup: Flying Diamonds MS 2 1

Shaper: Ian Chisholm


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