AWOKE – A Love Story

Welp, there's no time like the present...
With all of this social distancing going on it feels like the right time to release our newish project AWOKE. It's been done for over a year but I've been using it to study the functionality of our Long Hulls. It's been a great reference point moving our designs forward and ultimately sponging the Parallax, Outlier and Neo Classic. AWOKE was shot over a 4 month period of time (summer 2018) documenting a few of my first experiences with long hull riding. I originally ordered them due to an injury. I thought,"if I can't surf good, at least I'll feel good trying". Little did I know the rabbit hole I was about to enter. Now, a couple years later, I can honestly say that riding these boards has been the most important and rewarding part of my life as a surfer...period. It has simply changed everything. Big love to everyone who shot the clips and or donated time and music. Thank you so much to my long time brother Steve Cleveland and surf craft media for putting it all together.

CJ Nelson Awoke Movie by Steve Cleveland

Steve Cleveland Surfcraft Media