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Poly, EPS, and our Design Process

Nor cal test session in pursuit of perfection. Photo: Justin Bowers / Surfer Magazine First off let's kinda define "eps" and "poly" so we're all on the same page here. A traditional surfboard known as a "poly" board is a board made with a polyurethane foam blank and glassed using polyester resin. An "eps" surfboard is made out of an expanded polystyrene foam blank and glassed with epoxy resin. Either form of the blank can be used to build a board using nearly the same traditional shaping and lamination processes. We build our own eps blanks and use highest quality epoxy resins to create our Thunderbolt Technologies and Epoxy Matrix boards. I want to share with you a little bit about our brand and the design process we take to get the perfect eps surfboard. Lots of people ask me "what works better, poly or eps?" For me, that's an easy question and the answer is without a shadow of a doubt, eps. But, poly boards are a key element in our design and

Sprout – The Ultimate Noserider

A bootlegged version of Cj's Sprout segment from Thomas Campbell's film. The legacy of this board runs deep in CJ’s life, the lives of CJ's supporters and the traditional longboard community as a whole. The original concept of this board was to combine elements of two of CJ’s all time favorite vintage longboards out of his dad's collection. Blending the best features of two of the most important longboards in the history of the sport took CJ on a journey of nearly 20 years and roughly 500 boards. Testing and tweaking in search of the perfect traditional noserider. Over the years these boards were simply known as the “CJ Nelson model” and were shaped by some of the most well-respected longboard shapers in the world. The CJ Nelson model built a cult like following taking nearly everyone who competed on one to multiple contest victories building crews of guys from around the world who would ride nothing else. CJ became known as the kid from Santa Cruz that was re-defining the art of noseriding