HULL(ISH): C.J. Nelson presents his all new 2 + 1 Outlier 7’0, built in Thunderbolt RED Technology

CJ Nelson Outlier Model

Now at surf shops and online stores everywhere, C.J. Nelson says his 7’0 Outlier “Has a really important intention”, continuing that “When I moved down to Oceanside and started surfing beach breaks and windy swell that you don’t really get in Santa Cruz, I knew that I needed to re-invent the Outlier to meet my needs living down here in Southern California, surfing the beach breaks.”

The Outlier has more skate and carries in flat spots, and it features a shrunken outline with a wider tail, all geared towards working in weak waves, and traveling with ease across flat spots between more pockety sections.

C.J. Says that from his perspective, the Outlier works great in perfect waves because every surfboard works great in perfect waves,, but this new hull shape built in Thunderbolt Red is specialized for the daily conditions found at average beach breaks around the world.