The Neo Classic is CJ Nelson’s Classic Log with Modern Refinements, built in Thunderbolt Silver

CJ Nelson Neo Classic Model

The Neo Classic is my response to what I saw as a massive amount of open ground between traditional logs on one side of the spectrum, and performance longboards on the other.

I noticed the opportunity to design a board like the Neo Classic after surfing only my Parallax for a long time (what I consider a modern performance board) and then getting back on my traditional logs for a few sessions.

I noticed that there were elements of the Parallax that could be incorporated into a classic log, and I recognized specifically that no one was really making a traditionally templated log with modern rail updates.

So I took one of my all-time favorite traditional longboard templates and added everything I knew about modern longboarding rails, and that’s what created the Neo Classic – a beautifully outlined classic board that ticks all the boxes in traditional longboarding, but under the hood, you’ve got this complete race car modern board with the most functional rails you could want in any board.

What excites me the most about the Neo Classic is that so many of the people who buy my boards are trying to learn how to classically longboard for the first time, and now with the Neo Classic, we have a design that helps fast-track their learning curve more quickly than a purely classical log design.

Everyone who rides it really enjoys it, whether beginner, amateur, style icon, or whoever.