This board was designed to be a well-rounded traditional single fin longboard. Built with an emphasis on turning and maneuverability. the slasher has single handily changed CJ’s perception of whats possible on a traditional longboard inspiring him to change his style to have a more complete approach to single fin surfing. Inspired by the young Australian surfers and designers of the late 60’s the Australian Slasher whips, trims, turns, and perches. The Slasher has a pulled back wide point, neutral 50/50 rails, and simple flat bottom making this board predictable and easy to ride. Perfect for beach breaks or adding some turns and slashes to your logging game. This design has become a favorite of CJs and a primary focus of his surfing.

9’4″ x 23 1/4″ x 3 1/4 (75 L)
Width 12″ from nose: 18 1/8″
Width 12″ from tail: 16″

9’10” x 23 1/2″ x 3 3/16″ (79 L)
Width 12″ from nose: 18 5/8″
Width 12″ from tail: 16 1/4″

Thunderbolt Silver
Thunderbolt Blue

Single Fin System

Recommended Fin Set-up: Flying Diamonds Power Flex Fin

Shaper: Ian Chisholm

Carbon Fiber

  • Japanese manufactured carbon fiber. The best quality in the world
  • Flex characteristics….slow flex and fast rebound. Super responsive and snappy due to quick rebound rate. Ultra performance.
  • Our lightest material with the best strength to weight ratio.

Carbon Fiber/ INEGRA

  • This is a 50/50 blend of top quality Japanese carbon fiber and INEGRA, a bright white ballistic fiber.
  • Flex characteristics….great blend of that traditional feel that we all love and the dynamic rebound carbon fiber has. Amazing flow and rhythm.
  • A beautiful blend of both new and old.

Xeon Fiberglass

  • Blend of traditional fiberglass and opaque pigment to give that classic look.
  • Flex characteristics… Most amount of flex out of all of our lamination process. Immediate addiction warning.
  • Traditional look with space-age feel.

Texalium (Silver)

  • Magnetized fiberglass infused with aluminum. Gives its dynamic sliver appearance. This is our heaviest lamination material. Mega strong with beautiful aesthetic
  • Flex characteristics….Feels like a more alive volan cloth or traditional longboard. Heavier weight with performance values. Rides like a dream.
  • Space age look with a traditional feel.

Traditional Poly

  • Made the old fashion way with traditional fiberglass, polyurethane blank and resin.
  • We can shape, glass and color you up any custom or model you’d like.
  • Inquire through our contact page and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.
  • 6-8 weeks build time.


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