Josh Seemann

Joshua Seemann is a longboarder from Carlsbad, CA. After years of bodyboarding in the summer with his dad, he made the transition to surfing. Josh quickly began to spend as much time as possible in the water, surfing the reef breaks near his home. The many talented longboarders at his home break, as well as any and all CJ Nelson and Chad Marshall videos he could find online, inspired Josh to hone his noseriding ability, constantly pushing the limits of how long he could hang ten.

After spending three years in Long Beach to attended college, Josh once again lives in Carlsbad. He can be found most mornings at his home break or searching for small lefts in the surrounding area where he can practice his switch stance. Now that he is done with school, Josh looks forward to traveling around the world to surf, as well as participating in traditional longboarding events such as the Mexi Log Fest and Surf Relik.

Josh’s Favorite Surfboard

Josh’s Videos

Our guy Josh Seeman aka Seamonster putting his Sprout through the tip control tech test at one of his home breaks in Carlsbad C.A. Josh is a great surfer and a fantastic young man, so rad to see him out doing his thing.

We caught up with Josh “Sea Monster” Seemann to watch him surf his 9’5″ XEON Classic at his home break in Carlsbad C.A. We we’re blown away and inspired watching him make the less than average conditions look like a walk in the park.