Saltwater Solutions Featuring Steve Buchan


There’s nothing quite like working at a job smack dab in the middle of some amazing Malibu point breaks. I’m able to get off work around 4pm and go shred amazing waves until the sun goes down. That’s a normal Monday- Friday for me. Work, surf, and then repeat. I can’t thank Cj Nelson enough for all the opportunities he has given me and for continuing to push me to new levels. He encouraged me to grab any footage I had and to learn how to edit video. So that’s what I did. Norwell 9 and Laura Holman answered the call for video footage. I grabbed as much footage as they had of me riding my red 10’0″ Cj Classic and my 9’6″ Texalium Sprout & spent a couple months putting it all together. Both these boards are amazing! I absolutely love the Sprout though. It’s the ultimate noseriding machine. It seems to work so well everywhere I surf it. CJ and Ryan Engle really put together a masterpiece when they were in the shaping room dreaming up this board. It’s all time! ~ Steven Buchan

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  1. Mark Gustin April 3, 2018 at 11:46 am - Reply

    CJ, just got delivered to my back door………… new ride, your 10′ Texalium Sprout!! Super Stoked to get it to Sala and learn how to ride this wonderful craft…….then on to the nose!!

    Beautiful job you and Ryan have done with this board, thanks so much!

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