Ian Chisholm

Ian Chisholm | Owner and Shaper of South Coast Surfboards.

Ian Chisholm, also known fondly as “Chissa”, started dabbling in the Australian surfboard manufacturing industry in 1989. During this time his love for longboarding and alternative shaping concepts grew.

He started to see that there were surfers like himself in the industry open to all crafts, though all too commonly he noticed many people were fearful to step out of their comfort zones with their surfboards at this time.

“You were either a shortboarder or a longboarder, and I felt there was a lack of surfboard labels on the Australian market offering both traditional and alternative options to a surfer, especially an experimental surfer with a fondness of the 50’s and 60’s eras.”

Seeing a niche in the surfboard market in 1995, Chissa started his own label and business “South Coast Surfboards”, in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. Torquay is known for its famous surfing spot Bells Beach that holds one of the most prestigious surfing events, so it was a perfect place to test and develop his surfboards over the years.

Specializing in quality, traditional manufacturing, Chissa shapes, and laminates all of his surfboards. He is one of a few surfboard builders who can build a premium surfboard starting from the design all the way through to the finished product.

During his time in the surfboard industry, Chissa has come to be more open-minded and understanding when it comes to different surfboard manufacturing methods and technologies. Now Chissa is working alongside CJ Nelson, who is an exceptional surfer on every style of surfboard, and who is also open to different concepts. The two have teamed up with great results. Chissa is happy to state he is producing some of his best surfboards of his manufacturing career.

“As a surfer and manufacturer, I feel we need to look at our crafts as each individual surfer and what different designs or technologies will do for us to further our surfing. CJ and I are a good team and have similar beliefs. Working alongside CJ has really allowed me to produce and create some of my best surfboards and designs to date.”

I have believed from the beginning the best thing to do is have an open mind and try different crafts. I believe this will allow expansion in the alternative industry and for each individual surfer.

Don’t be close-minded and pigeonhole yourself as a surfer, I believe this will only hinder your surfing and ability to progress. There are a place and purpose for all surfboards and surfers in the water, so get out there and give different things a try. Let the surfboard speak for itself and the main thing is to always have fun.”


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